Through this blog I hope to share every practical no nonsense frugal idea that I have implemented and will implement in order to save you time, money and space.

I live by the following mottos –

  1. Live and let live.
  2. Lets make a deal.
  3. The more you know the less you carry.
  4. A penny saved is more than a penny earned – depending on your tax bracket.
  5. Money and fools soon part.
  6. Never pay retail.
  7. Less is more, gimmicks are expensive.
  8. First make do, then do without.
  9. Time is money.
  10. Enough.

I’m basically bringing frugal back. I’ve been brought up in a household to be conservative with money. However to be truthful, frugal never entered my lexicon for the first 25 years of my life. I’ve since heeded the values of my conservative upbringing and I think it has put me back on the right track. Part of the process has been to shift my mentality from being present oriented to future oriented. It’s not easy – the marshmallow test basically implies that our time preferences are set at a fairly young age. Future orientation is the doctrine of ‘consuming less than you produce’ which is precisely the prescription one needs to live more frugally. I’m not rich by any measure but I have enough, do you?




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