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Apple CarPlay…why bother.

Not sure why Apple is going into the car space with the Apple Carplay. If you have a smartphone you already have Apple CarPlay. Get a nice dash mount, like the exomount and hook it up to bluetooth and your sorted. I travel close to 700km in my car as a building inspector everyweek and my phone practically replaces my car dash. I use Google Maps for navigation; Pocketcast for podcasts; MyCarTracks for logging my distance; Google Music Play for all my musical needs; and Tunein for radio for whenever I want to switch to talkback. If you wanted to take it a step further I’m sure you can find apps designed specifically for the bean counters such as Dash.

Apple appears to be joining forces with automakers to include CarPlay into their systems, The car makers should just concede defeat and concentrate on providing the best value sound system they can and just allow the driver to incorporate their own smart phone into the dash.

I’ve finally made the switch musically to Google Play

I’ve been buying music since my early teens, I think my first CD was Groove Theory’s Debut Album, you know the one with the hit single Tell Me. Anyway, As I look back on my musical tastes, there’s been a definite progression from the pop candy I use to consume to what I can only call a more grown up sound and a fondness for the rare, hard to find and slept on gems. Soul/Funk/Jazz is still where it’s at for me, but I’m digging all kinds of music these days. As someone told me, “there’s only good and bad music, listen to the former”.

Back in the day you either had to fork over $30, sometimes up to $50 dollars for an album, when Napster came on the scene, I hate to admit it, but I was the first to jump on the bandwagon. The problem for me unfortunately was that I was never able to back up all the songs I had downloaded, and don’t forget this was back when dial up was all the rage – yeah it took like a couple of hours to download an album. I still bought albums, but by and large, Napster was the new medium. That all stopped when the FEDS closed it down and threaten all and sundry with illegal downloading. So for awhile, I went back to buying the odd album rummaging through old crates at flea markets and what not. Finally one day I stopped buying music all together and instead discovered music blogs and YouTube. That was great for discovering new music but crap at being able to play it in the car, at your friend’s house and on the home stereo. For some reason I never got onto the iPod/iTunes thing… As a frugler I guess it came down to cost. Fast forward to today and I’ve finally been roped into the marketing genius of Google. What I’m talking about is Google Play Music. If you love music like I do, have a good internet connection, there is no reason not to subscribe to something like Google Play Music or the equivalent of something like Spotify. Both charge a monthly fee of $12 for all you can listen and download music. I was skeptical at first, but dang! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. In one ‘crate diggin’ session on Google Play Music I downloaded the whole Betty Davis (The original Beyonce); Nick Drake; Shuggie Ottis; Sixto Rodriquez; Tuomo (Finnish soul singer); Van Hunt; Remy Shand; and Lewis Taylor (easily the most underrated soul artist of all time) disography!

With the benefit of being able to sync my playlist across all my devices, this is a no brainer, now when I’m in the car I can listen to what I discovered the night before.

I’m a real late comer to this, but hey better late than never, if you were like me here’s your Call to Action – Subscribe to Google Play and donate all your CD’s to charity. Except for the rare ones you still can’t find on Google Music of course… hehe