Pull up bars that don’t fail or take up much space.

There are quite a number of doorway pull up bars available on the market these days –

Another popular design is the P90X type –

Never doubted they could work… but there is another option, the frugalman version –

If you have a couple of spare clamps hanging around, all you gotta do is clamp them as shown in the pictures as hand holds and voila! Pull up bars that are tough as nuts and can be put up in a flash. Hang some rope down and you can fashion yourself some Olympic rings! I’ve simply used some offcuts of timber but you can make them as pretty as you like. Make sure you use some timber where you clamp onto the wall to help protect it.

***Warning – now admittedly my version of the pull up bar is really only useful if your wall is constructed out of masonry, anything less and the clamps will most likely crush whatever it is clamping onto, especially plasterboard over timber framed walls, this is because the clamps can exert and amazing amount of force. This can be a good thing though, for one it will hold up your body weight and more, I’ve piggybacked my girlfriend and hung onto just one clamp and was able to hold without any problems***

Watch out for future posts, as I will be showing you how to create the same fail safe pull up bars for walls that are not masonry and vulnerable to crushing by the clamps.