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Frugal Breakfasts

This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me the cheapest, most practical and time efficient breakfast is to simply not have one. I should qualify that though. Breakfast to me is almost a leisure activity, there is nothing I enjoy more than to chow down a big ploughman’s breakfast with the baldest bacon you can find and the slickest coffee to chase it down, granted, I skip breakfast Mon-Friday and only indulge myself on the weekends. So I guess you could say that rather than have (7×3) = 21 meals a week like everyone else, I have (5×2) + (2×3) = 16 meals a week instead.

There are many reasons why you would want to skip breakfast, for me and this was in the beginning, I did it out of laziness and it’s become a habit ever since. Nowadays, when I skip breakfast I’m also doing it for health reasons. I won’t go into the pro’s and cons of it, but needless to say if you do a quick Google search on “skipping breakfast” or “intermittent fasting” you can acquaint yourself as much as you like with both sides of the argument. Bottom line, it’s not for everyone, but it just might be for you.

Ok so I will go into the pros for why I do it, first, I’ve been skipping breakfast for so long now and I have become so use to it, that I do it because my body simply does not cry hunger in the mornings. As a side note, a motto I follow is to just eat when hungry, but because I don’t get hungry in the mornings I simply don’t eat. I also find that it’s the quality of the food that influences the amount I eat. When I eat nutrient rich foods I eat less, when I eat garbage I tend to eat more because I find that my body is still telling me I need to eat the right stuff.

Secondly, we’ve all heard that saying “who has time to make breakfast” well I certainly don’t and because I value sleep more than I do breakfast, I simply use the time I would have been using to make breakfast to sleep instead. It really is that simple and logical J. When I wake up, I’m out the door to work in less than 15 minutes. In comparison to my partner she has to wake up an hour before she’s out the door just so she can fit breakfast in. I simply just don’t bother.

Finally, and this is the least important consideration, 5 less meals a week to pay for can come to quite a nice saving. You do the math.